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Safe Rooms For Business & Personal Protection

Imagine having a FORTIFIED room inside your home or business, where you and your family can safely hide during a home invasion or other perilous threat.

In addition to offering personal protection, your safe room can be used as a Tornado Shelter, Gun Room, or Walk-In-Vault for securing weapons, jewelry, cash or other valuable household and business belongings.


We Manufacture & Discreetly Deliver/Install Modular SAFE ROOMS to Homes & Businesses Across Southern Ontario

  • Premium materials – Built in Ontario
  • Heavy-duty Security Door – Solid Door Plate
  • Scalable levels of security
  • Modular Design – Designed to be built inside of existing rooms or closets
  • High-Grade Security Locks – Keyed or a digital keypad lock
  • Secure Inner-Bolt Locking
  • Fresh Air Vents – shields welded to the interior side of the door
  • Multiple Emergency Exits – Modular panels can be unbolted from the inside.
  • The steel walls do not inhibit cellular signals.

Our saferooms feature door modules that are made of 1/4″ steel plate.
Walls and ceiling panels are made of 3/16″ steel plate.
We modify all sizes to fit your closet size at no additional expense

Safe Room Models

Safe Room Mini Shelter

Mini Shelter 3x3 - 81 inches Tall 3 People (plus pets)

Safe Room Mini Max Shelter

3x4 - 81 inches Tall 4 People (plus pets)

Under Stairs Safe Room

3x5 Sloped - 81 inches Tall 5 People (plus pets)

Safe Room 5

3x5 - 81 inches Tall 5 People (plus pets)

Safe Room 6

3x6 - 81 inches Tall 6 People (plus pets)

Safe Room 8

4x6 - 81 inches Tall 8 People (plus pets)

Safe Room 10

4x8 - 81 inches Tall 10 People (plus pets)

Safe Room 12

6x6 - 81 inches Tall 12 People (plus pets)

Safe Room 16

6x8 - 81 inches Tall 16 People (plus pets)

Protecting Your Privacy and the Security of Your Family is Our Business!

We are proud to work with residents, businesses and Canadian agencies.

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