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About Safe Rooms Canada

Safe Rooms Canada is a leading provider of custom-built safe rooms in Southern Ontario. We specialize in creating fortified rooms that offer security during home invasions and other dangerous situations.

Our safe rooms also double as tornado shelters, gun rooms, and walk-in vaults for protecting your valuable assets and possessions.

With years of experience, we have proudly served numerous clients, including homeowners and businesses, ensuring their safety and peace of mind.


Custom Safe Rooms

Our custom-built safe rooms provide a secure haven during home invasions or dangerous situations. They can also function as tornado shelters, gun rooms, or walk-in vaults for protecting valuables like jewelry, cash, and important documents.

Tornado Shelters

Stay safe during tornadoes with our specially designed tornado shelters. These shelters offer reliable protection against high winds and flying debris, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Gun Rooms

Ensure the safety and security of your firearms with our custom gun rooms. These rooms are designed with reinforced walls and industry-leading security systems to keep your firearms protected and out of the wrong hands.


Why Choose Safe Rooms Canada?

Custom-Built Excellence

We take pride in crafting custom safe rooms that meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. Each room is meticulously designed and built with the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Multi-functional Designs

Our safe rooms are not just for home invasions but can also be utilized as tornado shelters, gun rooms, and walk-in vaults. Enjoy the versatility and peace of mind knowing you have a secure space for various scenarios.

Uncompromised Security

Our safe rooms are constructed with top-of-the-line materials, ensuring maximum protection for you and your loved ones. With advanced security features, you can trust Safe Rooms Canada to provide the ultimate security solution.


"Safe Rooms Canada helped us create a secure space within our home. We feel much safer knowing we have a dedicated room to retreat to during emergencies. Highly recommended."
As a business owner, I needed a secure place to store my valuable assets. Safe Rooms Canada provided a top-notch walk-in vault that exceeded my expectations. Very impressed with their work.

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